Humane Society of Mason County

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Humane Society of Mason County? Where is your shelter?
The Humane Society of Mason County was founded in 1986 by a small group of caring citizen who banded together to assist animals in need and thus founded a non-profit organization they called The Humane Society of Mason County. This small grassroots group centered its work on fostering homeless pets and finding them appropriate "forever" homes. For many years, The Humane Society had donated its time and energy to helping many animals in need, and in 2004 it was determined that a proper "Brick and Mortar" shelter was considered necessary to continue their work. The plan was created and put into action to build a large no-kill shelter to care for the many homeless, neglected and abused animals with little or no place to go. Currently our county's small shelters and rescue groups are overwhelmed and sadly, many of these adoptable pets end up in facilities which have limited space and do not subscribe to a "no-kill" philosophy.

Today the Humane Society is moving ever closer to realizing its dream. This animal shelter will be centrally located in Mason County and will be designed to offer not only a safe haven for needy animals, but also serve as a location for adoptions, low cost spay and neuter assistance, house an educational center and dog training facility as well as offer rental space for pet related business to lease and help offset some the shelters many expenses.

What is your role in helping animals in Mason County?
The Humane Society of Mason County has been working hard for many years to establish a large "no-kill" shelter facility. Until such time, we will continue to push forward and educate the public on animal welfare issues, assistance with lost/found animals and offer much needed aid to the currently established "small" no-kill shelters here in Mason County.

Our philosophy surrounding "no-kill" shelters stems from a belief that all animals have a right to live! It is our sincere desire to set this higher standard for pet life and implement the necessary educational programs and solutions to make that happen.

Where does the money I give the HSMC go?
A portion of all money donated to the HSMC goes into our Capital Building Campaign Fund. All other money is spent on the care and placement of animals in need.
Is the Humane Society of Mason County affiliated with any other Humane Society?
No. The Humane Society of Mason County is a private 501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization which relies entirely on generous donations, contributions, In-Kind Gifts, small grants and memberships to support our many efforts. The HSMC is not affiliated with any other Humane Society. It is important to understand that, although you may already contribute to 'The Humane Society of the United State", this organization is not affiliated with any other independent Humane Society in our country and, thus, we do not receive any funding from this organization.
What do I do if I have to re-home my Cat or Dog?
Because the Humane Society does not have a shelter location we are not able to take in any animals at this time. We can educate you on alternative solutions and refer you to comprehensive network of other foster homes, rescue groups and neighboring shelters.
What do I do if I find a lost Cat or Dog?
Our website is filled with valuable resource on how to go about finding a lost pet or locating a pet owner. You are welcome to call our office at 360-275-9310 and see if your pet has been found.
How does The Humane Society of Mason County feel about breeders?
Many times we are faced with questions about our position regarding the "breeding" of animals. Because we are an advocate for the reduction in the number of animals euthanized each year in the United States our position is strongly in favor of spaying and neutering of all pets! Each year, millions of animals are killed needlessly, many of which were breed as investments, etc. and many more were "accidents" which could have been avoided. The Humane Society of Mason County supports all efforts made by responsible breeders who set standards on spaying and neutering of their puppies and kittens, who educate about proper pet care and the reality of the life long commitment they must be willing to make when purchasing an animal specifically bred for them.
What do I do if there is a vicious dog in my neighborhood?
In the event you have an encounter with a vicious or dangerous animal of any kind, DO NOT approach the animal, and contact animal control immediately! Mason County Animal Control can be reached at: (360) 275-4467 Ext.313
Does the HSMC offer help with feral/stray cats?
Because Mason County has many acres of rural countryside, it is a perfect haven for feral or stray cats. Feral cats tend to live in what is referred to as a "cat colony" which can number anywhere from 2 cats to 20+. Cat colonies are primarily made up of female cats with roaming males "toms" who visit occasionally to impregnate mature females; it is a situation that can easily get out of control.

Assistance is available through feral cat trap, spay and release programs. These programs do not take in feral cats, nor do they find homes for strays. They work in conjunction with you to offer spay and neuter assistance and then return them to be released. As a result, these cats can live out their rest of their lives without the burden of potential disease transition, starvation due to resource depletion, death by predation, or euthanasia at a shelter since this type of wild/feral cats is not suitable to be adopted as a family pet.

For more information about Feral Cat Programs please contact Peninsula Spay and Neuter at: (253) 844-1543 or Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project at: 206-528-8125.